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When things aren’t working out, people wish they could quickly go and get a start over in life. They wish to turn a new leaf and hopefully get better opportunities. Is this possible?

Change is the only constant in the world.

People will always go through changes throughout their lives. These can be due to personal choices or changes they’re thrust into and forced to accept. While some may be substantial and won’t require a consequential adjustment, others would force people to start over in life.

While change is something everyone experiences, people handle it differently.

Some embrace change like it’s nothing. They can quickly readjust to the new circumstances they’re placed into and thrive in these. However, others can go through a hard time reorienting themselves. They get knocked over by the appearance of these shifts and have difficulty processing their new situations. Perhaps this is because they’ve grown comfortable with their previous setup, or they find it hard to grasp and work through change.

Regardless, new beginnings will be ever-present, and people must learn to step up and handle these shifts. Fortunately, starting over isn’t as intimidating as it sounds. It’s doable.

Why Do People Start Over In Life?

There are numerous reasons why people start over in life. Others make a willful and conscious decision to turn a new leaf, feeling stuck in their old circumstances. At the same time, others are thrust into a new life because of the changes they’ve made. Regardless of their reasons, people start over in life to pursue a new purpose.

For instance, people decide to change their lives for personal fulfillment or because the world has turned them around.

It can sound cliché. But often, people start over in life to feel alive again.

It’s a logical sequence to life. Once they’ve grown accustomed to their routines, people start living on autopilot. They become mindless with their actions, and the excitement and spark to life dim as they live daily through the same pattern and manners. This pushes them to make the conscious decision to make life exciting again.

On the other hand, life also happens in seasons. It’s not a linear or a singular experience. It doesn’t follow a straight line nor force people to tread on a limited space that allows them to finish and discover all its crevices the moment they start. Instead, it’s commonly broken up into segments triggered by change. Each of these segments offers a new encounter that forces people to learn how to maneuver and often start anew, a completely new life to mold and experience.

These showcase that people can start over in life whether they like it. While it may not be their decision to start with a clean slate, they must react appropriately through these.

How Do People Handle These Changes?

The Demanding River by Cheryl J. Corriveau perfectly captures how people go through these complex segments. The story follows Jordan Harris, the protagonist who’s never afraid of turning a new leaf, always putting her best foot forward in foreign and challenging circumstances.

The story’s premise revolves around her fresh start as she figuratively and literally sails into the open sea to start a new life with her boat dealership. Although her previous experience as a real estate agent can be pretty similar, only this time she’s selling boats, this new endeavor leaves a foreign taste in her mouth. Yet, while what’s before her is an entirely new world, she remains steadfast in her decisions and brave in her strides.

Jordan’s story is a clear lesson for individuals wishing to start anew.

Although her path may be different from what readers will go through, the values she embodied are crucial for everyone to learn and tap into. How did she manage through her new journey in life?

Identify New Goals

When people start over in life, they must create new goals they wish to achieve. A new life means having a new purpose, leading individuals to pursue new objectives. Establishing new goals will help them make their new endeavors more valuable. This will also break this new life into manageable objectives, making it less intimidating.

People don’t have to set more consequential objectives. They don’t have to jump straight into a bigger picture. Instead, they can identify short-term and long-term goals, creating benchmarks that help push them forward. Setting and remembering these goals allows people to remain motivated throughout life.

Practice Mindfulness

When people are thrust into a completely new endeavor, it’s a natural reaction to cower against this unfamiliarity. However, practicing mindfulness teaches them to live in the moment and take life slowly. This makes the unfamiliarity less uncertain and lighter to handle, and this meditation practice also helps improve people’s wellness.

Through mindfulness, they learn to refocus their minds on the new life they’ve started over. This allows them to declutter and avoid considering the intimidating uncertainty. Hence, this method will help them ground themselves when they start over in life.

Acknowledge New Progress

When people start anew, their progress in life reverts to zero. This means they start with a clean slate and an empty list of achievements. People are forced to put their previous goals and wins behind them, starting anew with everything. This can be quite saddening to perceive and can be disheartening. Hence, when people start over, they must learn to celebrate even the smallest triumphs.

Recognizing and celebrating their wins helps people build their self-esteem, encouraging them to continue this new endeavor. While they’re starting fresh and back to zero, it’s crucial that people remember their worth, and their value won’t diminish with a clean slate.

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