“Great book. She had me at tannins, which give the St. Johns river its Willy
Wonka chocolate river color. I enjoyed it more, as I’m from the area, and
know the St. Johns river and all it’s nooks and crannies very well.”
Anthony Joseph Swafford, Amazon Review.

“The boating world is not one that I can really relate to. But I like reading
outside of my own experience. I learned a lot. The story doesn’t follow a
predictable pattern which makes it refreshing.”
– Kathy Eagin, Amazon Review.




Full Book synopsis/summary:

Jordan Harris is a feisty, energetic, and highly motivated woman with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Many conflicts arise with her new CEO at the national real estate franchise. She is approached by a South Florida boat dealer to partner with him to open a second location in Central Florida. She declines his offer but is intrigued by the idea.

Six months later, she determines that it is time to leave the real estate world and open her own boat dealership. None of Jordan’s prior experiences prepared her for the challenges and problems that she would face and must overcome in the male-dominated marine business. The difficult situations involved stolen boats, a mysterious death, and major problems at the Fort Lauderdale and Miami boat shows. She was suspected of drug smuggling, sued for a fraudulent act committed by someone else, accused of breaking federal and state finance laws, and had a Mafia connection, all leading up to possible jail time.


Her troubles continue when new federal and state boating laws change. The river demands even more from her with its hurricanes, ice storms, and droughts. The harder she fights to survive, the stronger her determination and entrepreneurial spirit become. Her landlord receives an offer to sell the marina along with her boat dealership. Jordan is now confronted with another life-changing decision.

The many twists, turns, and surprises throughout the book will keep the reader in suspense, entertained, and wondering what’s next. Will Jordan and her business survive? Take the journey with her on “The Demanding River.”


1.   The week after the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show, Jordan evaluated her life. She realized she had leaped into the boat business without giving a full evaluation of what would be demanded of her. She was determined to make her business successful.

2.   Her stolen boat had made the headlines in the Daytona Beach News Journal and the Orlando Sentinel newspapers. She thought all the people that had ascended on her dealership was there for no other reason except curiosity. She was surprised when she sold three boats.

3. Jordan was being sued for $1,000,000. Her attorney told her it was going to take several years to litigate. Although there was no guarantees she could win, he tried to assure her she would.



tangled web.jpg


During the move back to Charleston, South Carolina after the death of her husband, Julia finds the name and number of a long lost lover. With encouragement from her brother, Kevin, she agrees to try and find Adam. After a reinstatement into the FBI, Julia’s adventures take her down a dangerous rabbit hole where she discovers Adam was not an artist, but a CIA agent who has been declared deceased (or is he?). She deals with multiple government agencies in the U.S. and around the world-from Russia, Germany, Iceland, China, Italy, and the Cayman Islands-as she chases romance and crooked government officials who have sold confidential top secret U.S. intelligence. But will she find Adam along the way?


“I am enjoying this book! So interesting and I suspect a big twist is
coming with the FBI, CIA and who know! Yes, this a must read and you will
enjoy the main character.”
Ashton Frierson, Amazon Review.

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